List of prohibited items inside Taj Mahal

Do's and Don't inside Taj Mahal: Please make sure you are not carrying these items inside Taj Mahal
List of prohibited items inside Taj Mahal
Do's and don'ts


Water bottle is allowed inside the monument. Shoe covers, Half Liter water bottle Battery Bus & Golf Cart Service are provided free of cost with the SAARC, BIMSTEC & foreigner's entry ticket for the Taj. Wheel Chair for Differently able People & First Aid Box is available at ASI Office at Taj Mahal.


  • Tourists must co-operate in keeping the monument neat & clean by using dustbins.
  • Tourists are advised to hire approved guides & photographers who exhibit their identity cards.
  • Taj Museum inside Taj Mahal Complex opens from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM, entry free.


  • Drone camera is strictly prohibited inside the Taj Mahal.
  • Eating and smoking is strictly prohibited inside Taj Mahal. Arms, ammunitions, fire, smoking items, tobacco products, liquor, eatables (Toffees), head phones, knives, wire, mobile charger, electric goods (except camera), Tripods are also prohibited.
  • Mobile phones are to be kept switched off or on silent mode.
  • Please avoid carrying big bags and books inside the monument; this may increase your security check time.
  • Photography is prohibited inside the main mausoleum.
  • No Polluting vehicles are allowed within 500 meter Radius of Taj Mahal. Parking Facility is available at Shilpgram
  • Avoid touching & scratching the walls & surfaces of the monument as these are heritage sites and need special care.
  • Visitors are requested not to make noise inside the mausoleum.

Taj Mahal night viewing Do's and Don't:
  • Above mentioned list of prohibited items along with mobile phones are banned for night viewing of the Taj Mahal. Video camera, extra batteries are prohibited though still camera is permitted after the security check.
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