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Heritage Walk Old City of Agra

Duration : 3 Hours Destination: Walking tour of old Agra City Days of Run: Everyday Evening
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Description :

Agra city was the capital of Mughal Empire for about 120 years. Mughal not only rule India but they also patronized art and culture. Even this city was also flourished before the Mughal Empire. In this tour package you will explore old part of the city of Agra on a walking tour.

This adventurous walking tour is like assault on your senses but i would rather say it's worth assault. on this old city walking tour you will explore very old city spice market, Jama Masjid, Kinari (brocade border) bazaar, some of the very old temple of city, local food taste, horse cart/rickshaw ride etc.

Detailed Wise ITINERARY :

04:00 PM Guide report you

Your tour guide will report you at your hotel or desired place. at 4:00 PM

He will take you to the place in your car where walking tour will start.

04:15 PM Tour start

This Guided walk is specially design to explore the architecture four Era, pre Mughal, Mughal, British & modern

That walk begins from Agra fort Railway station, you are requested to disembark from your car at Agra fort Railway.

Main highlights of the walking tour

Main Highlights of the walking are below

1. Agra fort railway station

  • This memorable Raj building was constructed in 1891 as a stopping-off point for colonial tourists visiting Agra's monuments. Agra Fort Railway Station was also the first Railway Station of Agra and also one of the oldest in the country. It has French chateau-style slate-roofed platforms.

2. Jama Masjid (Friday mosque)

  • A magnificently proportioned building in the heart of the historic town, the "Friday mosque" was sponsored by Shah Jahan's favorite daughter, Jahanara Begum. This was built in 1648; the mosque's sandstone and marble domes with their distinctive zigzag chevron pattern dominate this section of the town.

3. Vaidya Ramdutta Gali

  • This old lane of Agra is dedicated to the memory of Vaidya Ramdutt Shrama, who used the knowledge of traditional herbal medicines & pulse reading of Ayurveda for treating chronic ailments of human body. Today his family descendants live & practice the ancestral knowledge for the service of the humanity in the same fashion.

4. Mankameshwar (temple of lord Shiva)

  • It is one of the ancient temples devoted to Lord Shiva. It is said that the shivlinga covered by the silver metal was founded by lord shiva himself during Dwapara era, when krishna was born in mathura. For child krishna darshan shiva arrived from mount kailash and rested here.

5. Temple of Musicians Balcony

  • Temple of Bihari Ji, which is another form of Lord Krishna was built by Mohanlal Ji Gotewale in the year 1880 and is commonly known as "Gotewalon ka Mandir" as the family is still involved in the traditional business of brocade borders for Saaris, dresses & Hand bags continuing the traditional family business. The temple is famous for its most beautifully ornately carved balcony.

6. Spice market (Rawat para)

  • Rawat para is one of the oldest localities of the historic city of Agra. Most of the shops there are very old; some have been there since the Mughal period. Over the years the place has assumed a new identity as a wholesale market for grains, pulses, spices etc.

7. Patal Hanuman Temple

  • The Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman "The Monkey God" is known as patal Hanuman or Human of nether world, who rescued Lord Rama & his brother Lakshamana from the prison of demon king "Ahiravan" as the myth goes. The temple attracts thousands of devotees every day.

8. Jewelers Market (kinari bazaar)

  • This is the old market of Agra where sellers used to sale Kinari (brocade border) of sari and ladies dresses in Gold and Silver. But now they make and sell Gold & silver jewelry. But market still know as kinari bazaar.

9. Local food Taste

  • Now its time to taste authentic India food of Agra in a very old place which was Establish in 1840.

10. Rickshaw ride

  • From the food tasting place we will take Rickshaw ride back to our car.

Drive back to Hotel

  • Rickshaw drop us back to our car, and you will Drive back to Hotel


PLEASE NOTE: This is a customized tour, so any changes in itinerary are possible as per your choice.

What's Included:

  • Horse cart/Rickshaw ride during walking tour.
  • Local Food Taste.
  • Water bottles.
  • Government approved tourist guide for walking tour

What is Not Included:

  • Hotel in Agra.
  • Tips.
  • Transport.
  • Anything which is not mention in include list.

Tour Cost: USD $25 Per Person (minimum 2 person)
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